Sightings of the Week 7/26-8/2

2 08 2007

Though no photographic evidence proves these, they are submitted sightings nontheless:

JULY 27: JUSTIN spotted He-Man bathing in a drinking fountain in Union Square. The fountain now spews diamonds.

JULY 28: TARA saw He-Man refusing to give a homeless man money on Irving place and 18th street. Instead he gave him some of his muscle tissue, which can be exchanged for at least a million dollars at any local currency exchange.

JULY 29: PETER saw He-Man shaving with jagged marble on 7th Avenue and 10th street.

JULY 30: JEREMIAH spotted He-Man on 2nd Avenue and 9th street, looking “spacey and glassy-eyed”. Clearly He-Man was coming back from outer space research.

AUGUST 1: NATE saw He-Man in front of the Wendy’s on 23rd st, carrying a bus that had broken down to all its remaining stops.

Keep sending in your sightings, and remember to keep your cameras on you at all times!





4 responses

3 08 2007
Parker Brown

hahaha jagged marble. how do you know he was shaving? maybe he eats marble.

3 08 2007

this is funy!

3 08 2007

bumped into him near my place of work, directly outside of the empire state building, and told him i was a big fan of his.

23 08 2007
Daniel Haim

I just saw he-man walking around macys & pennstation,
wearing the same clothes he always does
looked like he was “j walking”

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