Sightings of the Week 8/7-8/14

14 08 2007

AUGUST 8: DWAYNE spotted He-Man at the MTV headquarters in Times Square. Apparently he was in the audience for TRL, but then stormed out violently when Boys Like Girls beat out Gym Class Heroes for the #1 spot.

AUGUST 11: BRAD saw He-Man at the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park ordering a “Concrete” milkshake. After one sip, he realized it was not real concrete, and threw it forty blocks north.

AUGUST 11: REBECCA saw He-Man on 34th st and 5th Avenue catching a falling toddler that had squeezed through the bars of the observatory deck.

AUGUST 14: JOHNATHAN spotted He-Man on Park Ave between 33rd and 34th st. He ripped the mustache off a tourist from New Jersey who was wearing an obscene t-shirt.

Remember to keep sending in your sightings, as well as any pictures for a featured report!




4 responses

15 08 2007

other shakes heman would order:
molten (like malted, but with lava extract)

16 08 2007

OMG I LOVE that you are doing this! This guy is a total nutjobber, however, he completely saved me from some weird high homeless guy (also sans shirt) following me and my dog in Tompkins Square Park. This dude who was super high, was approaching/stalking me and HE MAN came over freaking out on him saying “Did you hit on my girlfriend Dude? I am going to kick your ass!!” (with some random homeless lady in tote). The high homeless guy ran away with his tail between his legs–was all in all really a memorable NY moment, I am just bummed I didn’t capture it on film.

16 08 2007

i think amanda’s post is worthy of an entry. it’s not getting the publicity it deserves locked away in this comment section.

17 08 2007

He works out at Asser Levy GYM on 23rd and the river. He wears army pants or tight jeans with either combat boots or amateur wrestling shoes depending on the day. He is soft spoken and sometimes sports a thing mustache. Everyone stares at him in awe.

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