He-Man Seen Filming ABC Family Pilot

21 08 2007

One of our readers stumbled across an article in the most recent Hollywood Reporter and sent it along. It seems like we aren’t the only publication reporting He-Man sightings anymore. However, we at FindHM are worried that this might not be the best career move for the big guy. Decide for yourself:

He-Man Seen Filming ABC Family Pilot

GOTHAM- Earlier today in Central Park, vigilant observers reported seeing He-Man recording an ABC Family pilot. The pilot titled “The Big World For Little Barry” has He-Man playing Little Barry’s wacky mute uncle. In the scene shot today, He-Man was taking Barry out to Central Park to buy a Popsicle.


Its spectacular.” Harlan Brown, head of PR had to say, “One of the advantages of using He-Man is that we don’t have to invest in CGI. The pilot script had Uncle Slapdash making Barry float across the pond with his mind. Originally we were going to get our CGI team on it, but their budget is understandably low. When we heard about He-Man, we knew he was a perfect fit for this show.”

When asked about He-Man’s acting talents, Brown smiled.

Everyone assumes you get the big guy in here and he’s not going to have acting ability. Well, He-Man studied at the Playhouse Theater under Sanford Meisner. He brings more conviction to the table than any Hollywood actor ever could.”


Meisner nervously giving He-Man notes

Could his penetration into a brand new form of media herald a golden age of He-Man sightings, or more horrors yet to come? Media Watchdog group “Eyes Out” states that this isn’t the first time that He-Man has attempted to take to the waves. He-Man self produced a public access cooking show in the mid nineteen eighties, and was the conductor on “Thomas the Tank Engine” from 1994 to 1997. He-Man, fortunately, is entirely too much of a behemoth of a man to truly be captured on tape. On both of those television projects, viewers reported television reception problems, as when he looks directly at a camera the extremely light sensitive lens start to putter out, leading his image to regularly be blurry.

If this pilot is a failure, is this it for He-Man’s television acting career? Harlan Brown had this to say: “We haven’t even finished shooting the pilot, and the whole office is abuzz with the word ‘spinoff’.”




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