Sightings of the Week 8/15 – 8/21

21 08 2007

A week of sightings sans photos.

AUGUST 15- EMILIE saw He-Man at 4:30pm on 40th st between 8th and 9th outside a parole office. Later that day, the men he was speaking with gave up crime to work for a youth ministry.

AUGUST 15- GUMBLEY spotted He-Man in Duane Reade on 23rd and Lexington. After accommodating the essentials such as Tag body spray and dental floss, He-Man paid with cash and auctoritas.

AUGUST 15- LIN caught a glimpse of our hero on 9th ave, between 43rd and 44th. The flooded basement of the Edgewater apartment complex was instantly dried.

AUGUST 15- VICKI saw He-Man on 23rd between Park and Lex following a brief incident where everyone’s digital watches returned to 12:00.

AUGUST 16- JIM found He-Man in front of his home on 32nd and 3rd. The landlady resigned from her position.

AUGUST 19- JEN spotted He-Man on W5th St, north of 6th Ave and was suddenly unable to use her camera. She fumbled and fumbled but when she looked up from the LCD screen, the beast was gone.




One response

22 08 2007

oh damn, i was wondering why my cell phone wouldn’t get service the other day. mother fucka. ha ha.

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