Sightings of the Week 9/8-9/15

15 09 2007

Those who were unable to preserve his glory with an image:

SEPTEMBER 9 – JEN saw He-Man on west 5th street and 6th avenue at 11:34 PM in a shouting match with a mailbox. Apparently the mailbox had been running his mouth all night long, and finally, as witnesses said, “the shit had hit the fan”.

SEPTEMBER 10 – VINNY spotted He-Man pacing back and forth in front of a bondage shop in the west village. Apparently He was debating whether or not to buy a new pair of leather pants. Admitting the price was rather high, He settled on a new pair of boots and a black rabbit hood.

SEPTEMBER 11 – HOWARD saw He-Man down at the World Trade Center, giving supportive high fives to those paying their respects.

SEPTEMBER 12 – LILLY caught He-Man on 9th st and Ave A, wearing a makeshift cape constructed from promotional Foo Fighters posters as well as Walmartopia advertisements.

SEPTEMBER 14 – SARAH saw He-Man slicking his hair back, using the fountain water at Madison Square Park. The once dull, dirty, water is now a sparkling lush blue, and is filled with rare tropical fish.

If YOU have any sightings, send them to Remember to always have your digital camera with you!




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