Sightings of the Week 9/21-9/28

28 09 2007

Here are some sightings minus visual proof:

SEPTEMBER 21 – PATRICK saw He-Man wandering around Penn Station. Apparently He was playing his favorite sport, “Train Strain”, where He pushes against moving trains until they come to a complete stop.

SEPTEMBER 23 – NATALIE spotted He-Man walking past Home Depot on w23rd with an open shirt. Upon his passing, every in-store power tool and device marketed to be “strong and powerful” bowed silently.

SEPTEMBER 24 – MARC spotted He-Man in Union Square today, hovering around the set of Law and Order. Apparently all the footage was ruined, as the cameramen would uncontrollably drift to He-Man during every take.

SEPTEMBER 25 – HILLARY saw He-Man on 30th st and 7th avenue from a bus full of tourists. Upon seeing him, the tourists demanded that the bus only follow He-Man for the rest of the sightseeing tour.

SEPTEMBER 27 – BRITNEY caught He-Man on 41st st at Au Bon Pain. Upon hearing just how much money the sandwich and Snapple He ordered was, he replied, ashamed, “I guess I’ll just go with a cup of minestrone then.”

If YOU have a He-Man sighting, send it to!




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