Sightings of the Week 10/7-10/13

13 10 2007

Here are some written accounts of He-Man’s existence:

 OCTOBER 7 – RACHEL spotted He-Man on Avenue A, tossing a cup of coffee into the garbage. Soon after, a bum grabbed it from the trash and took a sip. That bum is now a handsome businessman working for a political think tank.

OCTOBER 9 – DANIEL saw He-Man on 1st Ave between 3rd and 4th st entering Beth Israel Hospital. He delivered 80 babies in less than an hour.

OCTOBER 10 – GRACE noticed He-Man “sauntering” around St. Mark’s Place. We must take this as a fraudulent submission only because everyone knows He-Man never travels with a leisurely gait.

OCTOBER 12 – VICKI spotted He-Man on 23rd st and Lexington Avenue. He was standing outside of “Extreme Pita”, contemplating if it really was worth $9 for a pita and Snapple. It wasn’t.

OCTOBER 13 – MAURA saw He-Man outside of Madison Square Park, looking at human females passing by. Thinking it would impress them, he ripped every tree in the park out of the ground.

 If YOU have any He-Man sightings, be sure to send them to




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