UPDATE: He-Man Hibernates Somewhere Under Manhattan

18 01 2008

Many loyal FHM readers have been sending us thousands of emails a day complaining and begging for more accounts of He-Man’s existence. While we are annoyed with the overflow of our G-Mail, we do feel your concern. However, what we should have mentioned on the website is that our very own He-Man is in fact hibernating, as He does every winter.

Where is He hibernating, you may ask? That’s a very fair question, we do not know. He chooses a new spot every year to avoid petty fans and hunters. He-Man knows more than anyone that He needs his rest, so He can rise again when the weather is warm and the girls are ripe to be wooed.

FindHeMan.com will fully return as soon as He does from his dark fortress of rest. Hang in there, believers. We’ll be hunting soon.




One response

21 01 2008

I see him quite often in my neighborhood (LES/E.Village), and I think he is buckling from the pressures of the Superhero lifestyle; he looks as though he could barely help an old lady cross the street these days.

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