Sightings of the Week 3/1-3/8

7 03 2008

Those who were too slow to catch a snapshot.

MARCH 1 – DAN spotted He-Man at a FedEx store on Spring st and Lafayette. When told He couldn’t ship the severed head of a Chupacabra, He stormed out saying, “I guess I’ll just go to UPS.”

MARCH 3 – MOLLY viewed He-Man laying on a bench in Central Park. When someone mistook Him for a bum and tossed Him a nickel, He caught it in his sleep and threw it back at 100 mph. It shot through the man’s skin and murdered him dead.

MARCH 4 – EVAN got a glance of He-Man talking on a pay phone on 23rd and 2nd. We can only assume He was talking to either God, Jimmy Hoffa, or Rambo.

MARCH 6 – SHEILA caught He-Man trying on a new camo-suit at Dillards.

MARCH 8 – TODD saw He-Man at Virgin Records in Union Square. He was listening to the new Greatest Hits from Morrissey. He then subjected a terrified teen to a conversation about how his solo stuff beats The Smiths any day.

If YOU have any pictures or sightings, send them to




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