He-Man Responsible For Times Square Blast?

8 03 2008

As many of you may know, a small explosion occurred outside the military recruiting office in Times Square on Thursday. Questions as to who could be responsible for the blast have proven to be somewhat inconclusive, until now. Some shocking new evidence has surfaced that has lead investigators in one direction. He-Man.

Investigator Robert Wilder, head of the blast’s investigation, was the first to stumble upon this discovery. When asked how he came across this finding, Mr. Wilder gave this statement:

“I was reviewing the security camera footage and I felt a burning sensation in the back of my eyes and deep within my temples, almost as if I was looking directly into the sun. So, I hit the pause button and that’s when I saw Him. It was He-Man.”

The camera was only able to capture a single frame of He-Man’s appearance. This image was sent to FHM after the discovery.


Undeniable proof.

This image has certainly answered the question as to who was responsible, but one question still remains. Why? There is no question that He-Man is capable of such a feat, but would He-Man do something like this? Through further investigations and the cooperation of Frances Pibkins, a local homeless man who witnessed the whole ordeal, investigators have come up with the answer.


Frances, reliving the moment in his mind.

Mr. Pibkins witnessed a young man standing outside the military recruiting office at around 3AM Thursday morning. The young man had a bag full of spray paints. He then proceeded to take the spray paints out and write offensive words and phrases on the concrete in front of the building. He did not get far for he was soon interrupted by none other then He-Man himself. Pibkins said,

“There was a terrible howlin’ wind and a flash of light and that’s when that jungle ghost man appeared. I knows what I saw.”

The young man, realizing he was no match for He-Man, dropped the bag of graffiti paints got on his bike and left. He-Man walked over to where the boy had written his words of hate and became infuriated. Mr. Pibkins,

“That jungle ghost looked down at them words and his eyes turned red like a fire. I knows what I saw.”

He-Man then realized that the area would be full of families with little children in only a few hours. Seeing words like this would leave a lasting impression. He-Man did what was necessary to rid Times Square of such outlandish words: He ripped the casing off a nearby traffic light control box and threw it on the ground. He tore off a lock of his hair with his bare hand and threw it in the box. He then shed a single tear into the box and closed it. He reached down and touched his fingertips to the concrete below his feet. The ground began to shake violently. In a flash, the box exploded, causing the concrete to crack and destroyed what remained of the paint. He took the bag of graffiti paints and disappeared as quickly as he came. Mr. Pibkins had this to say,

“And then God went boom! I knows what I saw.”




One response

1 04 2008

No other place to put this, just overheard:

“Poor people can’t afford to live in New York, look at He-Man, he had to move away in the winter because he doesn’t have any clothes.”

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