Sightings of the Week 4/10-4/17

17 04 2008

Here are some reports that couldn’t catch his image:

APRIL 10 – DENNIS spotted He-Man in a Starbucks on Canal St. Disgusted by the dirty bathrooms, He physically threatened the barista to tell everyone the password for wireless internet.

APRIL 11 – MICA saw He-Man eating a cheeseburger on 34th and 7th. While no one is certain what was in the ground up patty, many speculate it is the body of that jerk mailman who never has any mail for Him.

APRIL 12 – STEPHEN saw He-Man in Union Square outside of Shoemania. Apparently He left in a storm when He found out they don’t carry size 52693HELLMETAL Pumas.

APRIL 13 – BRAD viewed He-Man on the 6 train at rush hour. Almost everyone in the car called the “See Something, Say Something” hot line and described the intricacies of his daunting quadriceps.

APRIL 15 – ASHRADEE spotted He-Man in a Pinkberry on Spring St and Lafayette. After sampling every flavor nearly three times, an indecisive He-Man just yanked a handful of pinapples and called it a day.

APRIL 17 – JENN saw He-Man at a drum circle in Washington Square Park playing the bongos. The instant His hand made contact with the rawhide, a huge blast erupted that cleared out most of NYU’s campus.

If YOU have any sightings, email them to




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