Sightings of the Week 4/25-5/02

2 05 2008

Here are some He-Man sightings sans photos.

APRIL 25 – EMILY saw He-Man walking on 27th and Park Avenue South. When a solicitor handed Him a flyer for a free hair cut, He-Man laughed at the idea of cutting His hair with scissors instead of a blow torch.

APRIL 28 – PATRICIA spotted He-Man inside a Quiznos on 23rd st. He was trying to convince the staff to let him toast a sedated saber toothed tiger he had captured.

APRIL 29 – DAN caught He-Man resting on a building at 25th and Lexington. The 200,000 ton structure immediately crumpled under His body pressure, causing Him to sarcastically remark about the “lack of back support” offered by newly designed skyscrapers.

MAY 1 – MOLLY saw He-Man at a local Pinkberry on 32nd st. After flirting with the server for ten minutes, He asked if she would give him a large for the price of a medium. She did.

MAY 2 – KEVIN spotted He-Man at the movie premiere of “Baby Mama”. Apparently, when Tina Fey refused to give Him “a look”, He erupted in a violent fury and threw Access Hollywood correspondent Nancy O’Dell through a sewer grate.

If you have any sightings or pictures, send them to




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