Sightings Week 5/8-5/15

15 05 2008

Here are some sightings that lack picture proof:

MAY 8 – ARNOLD saw He-Man at the South Street Seaport examining a street magician. Using His X-Ray vision, He saw that the magician was keeping a dove up his sleeve. “There’s a dove up his sleeve,” He told the annoyed spectators. “I can see there’s a dove.”

MAY 9 – BRIDGIT spotted He-Man at an H&M on w34th street applying for a job. Apparently He was confident about his references: The North Star, Hecca (Creator of Mother Earth), and Pete (shift supervisor at Applebees).

MAY 10 – HOLLY caught He-Man near a construction site on 38th and 8th this morning. He waited for the workers’ lunch break and then completed the 40 story building singlehandedly before they made it back.

MAY 11 – ADAM saw He-Man at Penn Station during rush hour. He was walking very slow, and everyone was perfectly OK with that.

MAY 13 – ANGELINA watched He-Man shop for furniture in Union Square. He asked the salesman if a La-Z-Boy Loveseat would be able to resist the heat of the sun’s surface. A confused but desperate furniture salesman smiled and said, “Yes.”

MAY 15 – DOUG also saw He-Man in Union Square. He was carrying the carcass of a man dressed in a suit who had “decieved his last customer”.

If YOU have any sightings or pictures, send them to




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