17 10 2008

Today was a very emotionaly charged day for the FHM staff. We were sent this He-Man sighting at 2:29 PM EST:

“Dear Find He-Man,

My name is Kathy and I am a third grader at PS 143 on 43rd st. This morning we took a field trip to Grand Central Terminal to learn about the locomotives and the different types of sushi restaurants in the lower area. Just when we were being taught how to make a dragon roll, we all saw He-Man walking out of the bathroom!

“Look!” I said. “He-Man!”

We all looked and stopped making sushi. We saw He-Man and He looked nice. I love He-Man. I hear he likes Spongebob.

I went up to him and said, “Who’s your favorite Spongebob character?”

He looked at me and my class, squatted, and gave me the middle finger with both of his hands. He said “Eat my business.” And then walked off. And then gave us the middle finger again.

Through the tears, I took a picture of Him with my phone. Why would He-Man do this to me, Why?!

Kathy Littleton, 5th grader.”

Of course we were stunned when we got this, so we looked into it. Apparently there is a He-Man impostor walking around town. Just take a look at this picture:

He’s even got the walk down.

You can clearly tell from His lack of physical prowess, the ill fitted non-boots, and more noticeably, the tattoo on his left arm. He-Man’s got no ink. Also, he never passes a Swatch store without having to at least browse.

So be on the lookout for the He-Poster, friends. Maybe He-Man will one day put an end to this fake’s impolite rampage