23 11 2008

femalecolumnistby Trudy Axford, Find He Man’s newest gossip columnist.

Today was a whirlwind of news for Ms. Axford, good hunters. I started my day with my Starbucks double shot, followed by a latte, followed up again with a red bull and vodka (keeps me regular)! At 9AM i dozed off into my usual trance and at around 11 I awoke to the sound of a picture slamming my desk. It was a PROOF of He-Man and a LOVE INTEREST! Now, if you aren’t living in a deep hole with layers of cement on top, you know that He-Man is a very picky lover. After his relationship with Helga: The Angel Princess of Steam ended badly, He’s been unwilling to let His giant heart out to anyone new.

BUT this picture depicted Him with a brand new flame:


On a casual walking date.

Yep! Sorry ladies: He-Man is taken again! But who is this mystery woman? At first, she appeared to be a no-name, but that won’t stop Ms. Trudy!

Apparently, her name is Evelyn and she’s a librarian. However, she moonlights as a seductress and possesses seven evil souls within her human frame. I know ladies, isn’t that always the story? It seems great guys never go for the Plain Jane with just one human soul that isn’t of wrath and fire. I blame the internet for allowing men to reach their fantasies so plainly.

I will be keeping my one good eye on this famous couple daily, and I urge you to as well! If there’s any sightings you may have, be sure to forward them on to, and make the subject to me, Trudy Axford!

Do I hear wedding bells!?!?!



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