Who is He-Man?
Millions of years before God created dinosaurs, he created He-Men. Born from contact between a lightning bolt and a volcano, He-Men ruled the Earth alone in their perfect race of seemingly indestructible quasi-humans. From this point on, until now, He-Men have slowly become more and more extinct, until, as it is in present day, there is but one He-Man left: He-Man himself, the former ruler of the entire He-Man race. He roams the streets of lower Manhattan, barreling through parks, avenues, and railroad stations. He needs neither clothes nor shoes, but reluctantly wears them in an attempt to woo the gaze of the human female. With the body density of a black hole and the ability to smell emotion, he watches all, protecting us from the future apocalypse of which he will be the only survivor. This is He-Man.

What is Our Mission?
Our mission, and yours, is one in the same. We must find He-Man. We must document his existence as much as is humanly possible. This effort has been started in the hopes that we can preserve his good will and intentions to the human race. If you live in the Manhattan area and have a He-Man sighting, we urge you to please send in any video, photographical, or even written evidence of this sighting. Please note that He-Man is not any man who simply fits the description of He-Man; he is one specific man. If you see him, you will know. Please do not let this stop you from sending in your sightings, and please do not let him know you have sighted him. For if He-Man were to find out about this website, the entire internet will instantly be destroyed, at the very least.

Where can I send my He-Man sightings?
Please email any He-Man sighting information you have to FindHeMan@gmail.com. Be sure to include:




-Description of particular attire

-Speculation as to what He-Man was doing on this particular day (patroling intersections with his daring torso, shifting the sun with his mind to ensure glistening, tan biceps, etc)

Who are you?

We worship the one that is He-Man. Within one sighting of this breathtaking, super-human being, this website was launched without hesitation. Before we left our homes and loved ones and devoted ourselves to He-Man, we were members of a comedy group called BEAST and lived in New York City. All that, of course, is behind us, and all we now have to care for is documenting this ferocious creature.

38 responses

30 07 2007

Strangely enough, I saw this dude last Thursday or Friday near the CVS on 3rd Avenue, between 21st and 22nd. I was walking to work (it must have been 9:30 or so), and I found myself staring at him, in a not-gay way. I couldn’t believe this guy. I immediately averted my eyes, as I thought he would pound me into the ground. Then I see a link to your site on The Apiary, and I said, “Is there a strange superhero living in my neighborhood?” I guess he lives in Gramercy somewhere. I hope I am there to witness him saving the world.

1 08 2007

I see him when I’m at the dog run in Madison Square, I call him Nature Boy . A friend calls him Conan.

Anyone ever stopped him to ask WTF?

1 08 2007

Coming to NYC next week. Would love to see He-man. One thing about the FAQ. I don’t think a species can become “more and more extinct”. It’s like being pregnant.

1 08 2007
chris columbus

Working near Union Square I have had several encounters with titan you call He-Man (who I had been mistakenly referring to as “Zeus.”)

One of my favorite pastimes is watching people as He-Man passes them by. Watching their face register the shock of what they have just seen as their brain reels, trying to comprehend the behemoth that walks amongst them is amazing. Just being in his presence can leave even the most experienced big-game hunter quaking like a leaf. The panic and confusion that He-Man leaves in his wake is almost as enjoyable as observing his behavior.

I will document any further encounters on this site. Thank you for this valuable resource.

9 08 2007

Waiting to meet a friend for lunch at Wichcraft, I saw He-Man on the corner of 20th and broadway. Upon arrival, I informed my friend that I had just seen Conan walking the streets. He then informed me that I had in fact seen He-man and directed me to your site.

He-Man was walking west on 20th street, and made a right onto broadway heading uptown. He was shirtless, wore black boots, and had army pants. From a distance it looked as if he was carrying two pails of water, but as he got closer I could see that it was just his natural shape. There is a modeling agency on 21st and broadway that he may or may not have been heading to. Hope this helps in your study.

Good Luck

16 08 2007

This guy makes my day. I have constant sightings of him while on my lunch breaks to Madison Square Park (Taco Bell Park as I like to call it). I refer to him as “The Choker”, a professional wrestler who has lost his way. He always walks with a rigid, swift and purposeful intent while flexing his muscular frame. he always look like he’s hunting as he appears to be so focused that he doesn’t even take notice of the general populace around him. One day his arch rival will jump out of the bushes and they will fight to the death in an epic battle of pectoral preeminence.

16 08 2007

I call him the Gramercy Hulk.

I usually see this guy 2 or three days a week since April (he really stuck out that day as it was one of the first warm days- maybe 60 degrees or so and he was half naked) crossing 23rd st N to S at 1st avenue. I work at 3rd and 23rd and get there at noon most days so it’s just before then.

We often buy juice together in the afternoon at the corner deli. By together I mean he buys juice while I buy juice and try not to let him see me staring at him. He either has the most amazing ability to not let on that he knows anyone is looking at him or he has no idea and is dumb as a rock – I can’t tell. I have been known to hide behind the bagel shop’s atm with a coworker just to theorize on his what his deal could possibly be.

Now that I know others need to know I guess I have to make contact. The only trick will be to not run away in fear or become entranced in some sort of superhuman testosterone cloud. I prefer my men a little girly and having never dealt with so much man, I may very well turn into a giggling nincompoop as soon as he lays eyes upon me. Next time he comes within 20 feet of me I promise to try to get up the courage.

17 08 2007
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[…] « W E W I L L F I N D H I M ! Our mission, and yours, is one in the same. We must find He-Man. We must document his existence as much as is humanly possible. This effort has been started in the […]

20 08 2007

I was visiting NYC for the first time with my wife and we took a tour of the city on the Grey Line bus. During our tour, the tour guide spotted He-Man walking along the street and quickly told us to look. I got a quick glimpse of this hulky man in passing but didn’t get a real good look. But on the night of Aug. 6th, my wife and I took the Staten Island ferry back from the island around 10:30pm. There he was on the ferry with us leaning against the side rail. He didn’t look in too good of shape (his eyes closed the entire time, slightly swaying back and forth, with an unlit cigarrette in his mouth – he basically looked drunk). After about 10 minutes, he sat down still with the cig in mouth with eyes closed. My wife was convinced this was He-Man himself but I needed to first visit this website to make sure. I’m 100% sure that was He-Man (although he was wearing his tanktop shirt). I regret not taking a picture up close (probably the best close-up pic opportunity based upon the pics posted here). He was asleep so he wouldn’t have had a clue.

23 08 2007
Daniel Haim

I was walking on the way to pick up a check from one of my customers in penn station, as I was speaking with my wife on the phone, I saw a shirtless guy “j-walking” down 6th avenue, i immediately hung up and tried to take pictures , but it was too late, He-Man was gone.

08/23/07 He-Man was found around Macy’s area Manhattan 35th street.

24 08 2007

I live in Dallas and this is the funniest site I have ever seen. My friend who lives in NYC (and survived an encounter with this creature) introduced me to your website and now I’m hooked. I will be visiting New York in October and I can only prey that the Gods look kindly on me and allow me to set my eye’s upon this magical beast.

28 08 2007
Craig Sobeski

Working in Union Square, I have been blessed by many He-Man sightings, previous the finding this site I was referring to him as Buff Muscleman (but pronounced like a name). He has always been a mystery; like a cold wind on a hot day, appearing out of nowhere, unexpected, and gone before you can grasp it.

My last sighting was on Park ave as I arrived to work (08/18/07), he had shaven his moustache (I now suspect he may in fact be Matt Dillon’s brother). I must know his secret.

7 10 2007

I’ve ridden the bus with him twice so far and sat next to him once. He lives in NJ and takes the 190 out to the city. Today he was macking on a chick and I overheard his entire story. He revealed his first name but I forgot what it was, but it is a common name like Mike or something like that. He knows about this website and doesn’t like it when people post mean crap about him.

Ok so here is his story:

1. He got into some kind of accident a few years ago and now he does not have peripheral vision and has trouble with depth perception.

2. He used to be a personal trainer at a gym before the accident, that is why he is built.

3. He recently settled on the injury lawsuit that messed up his vision and is going to use his money to rent an studio in Gramercy. He was complaining that it cost 2k a month for a studio. He is thinking about investing some of his settlement money to invest in power generating wind mills.

4. He is also considering going back to school to be a dietitian.

5. He has trouble sleeping alone.

7 10 2007
Max L. Rosenberg

I used to see this guy roaming around the Union Square Park area when I lived in New York. I thought he looked like some Chippendale dancer on steroids, but no, that physique in not chemicly enhanced. He is the stuff of legends. I used to call him Gigantor!

23 11 2007

I had Thanksgiving diner with him! He is my couson…LOL —true!

14 02 2008

should have written sooner, saw him several times one week about a year ago,I was describing him to my girlfriend, when she freaked out cause she knew exactly who I was talking about, read an article somewhere about web site, and it read as if someone overheard our thoughts about him for the basis of the article, it was interesting to find out that he is somewhat of a cult presence and that we’re not the only ones
does anyone see him in winter?

25 03 2008

As I am sitting here looking at this sight, I find it hysterical. I was reading past posts and sat here and laughed.

Well, PJ may have had Thanksgiving dinner with him but I had Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Morning breakfast. He is my brother-in-law. He does know about this site and reslly doesn’t care what people say. lol.

1 05 2008

To all those people who say they know him. Can they answer the fundamental question, why does he walk around all day with no top on?

As someone who works at union square, i’ve seen him quite a few times and wonder what his job is, why he feels the need to exhibit his physique.

Can anyone shed any light?

1 05 2008
john petty musselboro

you guys are dicks. to me, this is just the schoolyard writ large – locate the out-of-the-ordinary person, ridicule him, and then everyone can have a good laugh and feel safe. our country basically sucks when it comes to letting eccentric people be.

1 05 2008

Hmmm, is he trying to compete with the Naked Cowboy?

4 05 2008

You guys need to merchandise this magnificent bastard: t-shirts, keychains, action figures, whatev. My world is now that much more exciting knowing he’s in it.

6 08 2008

my husband and i live in gramercy and text each other when we see him. we call him Man-Cougar the Highlander, and we think we’re right about the name.

regardless, we very much appreciate your site.

28 11 2008

I live in chinatown, and was walking to drop off some mail. In the corner where the mail box was, was he-man standing, he was wearing a shirt this time, and an eye pad like a pirate.He was lookin around, and specially looking at the mailbox, for some reason! I’ve seen him before plenty of times, but this is the first time i see him in chinatown. I stared at him, wondering WTF (one more time), and crossed the street to get to the mailbox. For my surprise, there was a print out page, of this website, on top of the mail box!!!!!! It was a print from an article when he was found reading the newspaper at Madison Square Park. He might have left the page there, because he was constantly looking at the mailbox. When he left, i took it, and this is how i got to this website!!

6 12 2008

people call me heman too!

6 12 2008

..and i luv heman!!

22 12 2008
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[…] through for long without losing interest because the story is so corny. This is like watching a He-Man cartoon, except without the awesome. I skipped past most of the parts of the story where the […]

30 12 2008

i saw him yesterday in israel waging war on terror.

5 01 2009

I agree with john petty musselboro. The video of him on youtube is quite sad. It’s just people laughing at him. I’m sure if you went up to him and said hi, you’d find that he is an alright guy and you’d feel bad about making fun of him.

5 01 2009

(Not that anyone who makes fun of him would have the balls to do that.)

14 02 2009

This guy is from Rutherford New Jersey
I know him since he was about 12 years old
He name is Mike Im not going to mention his last name.

A vivid example of steroids for many years.

16 02 2009

I just discovered this site! My friends and I have been seeing him around the east village for about 2 years now. I first described him as the ” saxaphone player from the lost boys when they are at the boardwalk, with chain around neck” we love that guy. so i was excited to tell my friends he exists right here in the ev!! He is amazing.

25 03 2009

I’ve known about this site and He-Man but never thought it was that big of a deal to keep track of one person with a city of so many interesting people. Well, that was till I saw He-Man! I spotted him on the 6 Train uptown from 23rd st.

He stands out from the crowd not just from a physical stand point but because he is such a nice guy! He-Man (real name = Mike?) actually gave up his seat for a tiny old lady and proceeded to chat up a rude woman who wouldn’t stop staring at him. I’m sure he’s got a story to tell like all of us and will try to find out what that story is next time I see him.

Good luck on your quest He-Man!

22 04 2009

For those of you who mentioned visiting NYC with hopes to see He-Man, you must be masochists. The experience is frightening. I have to see him almost daily because he comes into where I work. And I have to interact with him in moments which are reality shattering, because your psyche can’t grapple with the fact that you’re talking to a drugged up dinosaur with a missing eye. His giant hobble, greasy ponytail, his glass eye and above all, his COLOGNE, make me want to move out of New York City, to a place where this creature does not exist.

That being said, if you really need to experience Mr. Freakshow and his cracked out wifey, just walk down 23rd street and it will be a certainty that you’ll see him.

Oh my god, why?

15 05 2009

OMG!! I saw this guy on the subway a couple of months ago taking the R Train from Queens to Manhattan!!! He was traveling with an older woman (they seemed to be a couple because she was holding his hand). LOL! I can’t believe there is an exclusive blog dedicated to this man!! LOL!!

15 05 2009

I’ve seen this behemoth of a man for nearly eight years now and my friends and I have always called him (not knowing his real identity) ‘Muscle-Matt-Dillon’.

21 05 2009

Not only do you seem to rewrite the same post over and over, but you have nothing better to do than to creepily follow this guy? What strange pathology is at work here?

26 05 2009

I just met Mr. Nelson thru that ever-so fabulous magazine the New York Observer…see the May 25, 2009 issue…

13 06 2009

I see He Man every day on 23st. I sometimes see him 4-5 times a day.

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