SPECIAL REPORT: He-Man Travels Through Time Vortex

5 07 2009

Today, He-Man was spotted in the south during the 1920’s in Union Square.

He-Man in Victorian Times

Taking in the mysterious visitor with caution.

He-Man was walking around Union Square when he saw a glowing ember inside of his favorite bush. He slowly walked up, only to get sucked into an alternate dimension: the 1920’s in the south.

Pictured here is Jezebel and Jackson speaking with He-Man about their favorite new jazz artists.

Jackson and Jezebel were overwhelmed by He-Man’s raw power, as well as his Reeboks, both of which they have never experienced.

Make Sure To Send Us Your Sightings!

1 05 2008

Fellow Hunters,

We’d like to take this time to stress the importance of your involvement in this operation, as we cannot succesfully track this man without your help.

If you live/work in the New York City area, we encourage you to keep your image capturing electronics handy and ready.

Good luck hunting.

-FindHeMan Staff


2 09 2007

Animator Scott Bateman has made an animation based on He-Man. Take a look:

In our opinion, this embodies the He-Man experience more than any actual sighting.

Reminder: Email Us Your Sighting!

1 08 2007

Just a quick reminder from the FindHM office. Our hero has gotten a lot of attention over the past week and there have been a lot of comments left about sightings. If you want your sightings included in the blog, make sure you email the time, date, and location to FindHeMan@gmail.com. Feel free to include any guesses as to why this divine-being allowed your eyes to lay upon him that day.

And most importantly, snap pictures. While He-Man is sometimes invisible to camera lenses, try to take pictures, videos or other media of your encounter.

Keep vigilant. We will find him, and so will you.