What “reputable” publications (we say “reputable” because they have never written a legitimate article about He-Man) have featured FINDHEMAN.COM:



The Village Voice

Canada.com, Canada’s Official Website


The Apiary



Monkey Filter

The Beat

Metroblogging Seattle


This Guy

“A beefy ton of good-natured fun.” – The Village Voice

“He-Man is finding you. Pure He-Mazingness.” – Thrillist, New York

“Funny stuff.” – CNBC.COM

“A hilarious human tracking project…Watch out ladies because He-man may be looking for his She-Ra!” – Going.com

“Is it so bizarre that the only person who could possibly have started this blog is He-Man himself?…Is He-Man the new Lonelygirl15? Is it a promotion for MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE? Or is life just THAT connected that every random street sighting must now become a web site? Does He-Man have a Twitter account?” – The Beat

2 responses

1 05 2008

Too bad “Going.com” never watched the opening sequence of the She-Ra cartoon in the 80s.

She-Ra introduces herself as He-Man’s sister.

Saying that “He-man may be looking for his She-Ra” is like saying that “Donny might be looking for his Marie.”


Oh, also, you guys got mentioned in Wired.com today.

21 05 2009

This week’s New York Observer. Check it out.

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